Aleph Lift/Lengthen Mascara


Aleph Lift/Lengthen Mascara


Lift/Lengthen Mascara has an effective system designed to resist water and oil, so say goodbye to smudging, flaking, and panda eyes.

The unique Aleph blend of peptides nourish the natural lash from the follicle, to give support to the lashes and to encourage brittle lashes to grow and strengthen over time. That means fuller, longer lashes.

Until now, it’s been impossible to produce a deep black natural mascara free from toxic carbon.

Lift/Lengthen Mascara uses a specially developed coated natural pigment, allowing it to deliver intensified depth, as well as giving it a luxurious silky smooth finish. The ‘Glide-on’ application delivers bold lashes that stay strong.

Microplastics are a common ingredient in many everyday beauty products like mascaras - they’re used to provide ‘slip’ and a film to coat the lashes to make the pigment stay.

Unfortunately they have dire consequences for human health and ultimately end up polluting our ecosystem.

We are thrilled to introduce New Zealand's first natural, sustainable and 100% microplastic-free mascara.